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Scout 88-dgps(5hz)
AsteRxi Satelite Navigation

AsteRxi processes high-quality GNSS measurements with IMU-measurements to generate an enhanced integrated position. This results in an all-in-view dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS receiver capable of providing precise positioning in shadowed environments where GNSS-only receivers fail. In addition attitude information such as heading, pitch and roll is provided. AsteRxi is available in both dual frequency (AsteRx2i) and single frequency (AsteRx1i) configuration.

Industrial GPS/GLONASS Receiver
The AsteRxi receiver family is powered by a high-end L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS/SBAS OEM receiver engine. With its 136 hardware channels it is designed for high-performance single- or dual-frequency applications. The receiver provides cm- level positioning as well as an extensive set of measurements (raw data, position velocity, acceleration, time). Septentrio’s A Posteriori Multipath Estimator (APME), unique in its ability to tackle short-delay multipath, further enhances the quality of the measurement and position data generated with the receiver. This positioning engine has been extended with IMU processing capability.

IMU integration providing extra robustness
Signal blocking by buildings, trees, mountains and other obstructions provide limitations to applicability of GNSS in the most challenging professional applications requiring high-precision position data. Besides tracking GPS and GLONASS satellites, resulting in improved availability, the loosely coupled integration with IMU measurements allows AsteRxi to deliver precise position data, where conventional GNSS receivers can’t. Additionally the integrated solution provides position data at up to 50 Hz as well as heading and attitude measurements. AsteRxi supports various grades of IMU’s.


Easy to integrate
AsteRxi features low power consumption and is available in a compact OEM board version, making it suitable for on-board as well as portable battery operated applications. Next to the OEM-version a compact waterproof plastic housing is available. A single cable provides power and communication between receiver and IMU, enabling flexible and easy integration. Flexible configuration, a powerful command language, a variety of detailed output messages and formats suited for automation, serial and USB2.0 interfaces, all facilitate the work of the system integrator. As with all Septentrio GNSS receivers, an intuitive GUI – RxControl – can be used with the AsteRxi for its configuration, for logging and remote control. Moreover, RxControl includes a host of enhanced visualization features. RxControl is available both on Windows and Linux platforms, as well as on WindowsMobile for PDA platforms (RxMobile).

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