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V-GuideV-Guide guidance system

The V-Flex Guidance system is a DGPS 4U replacement for the Sirio light bar. The V-Flex system is a low cost upgradeable guidance system that uses the latest technology for the agricultural market and is based on a 7" full colour touch screen display that is easy to see in daylight. V-Flex now comes with the new V-Smart antenna system, this development by DGPS 4U has the GPS and Hill side compensator with radar output and PPS all fitted inside the antenna housing - you now only have the display in the cab. Auto-steer can now be specified as an upgrade.

Technical Specifications


  • Boundary mapping
  • Headland guidance
  • Headland countdown warning
  • Guidance lines straight, curved
  • Setup boom
  • Job details (recording of coverage, time date etc)
  • 8Mb Micro SD storage card
  • Integrated hardware (easy transferring between machines)
  • 3G (built in need SIM)
  • Data transfer
  • Remote tracking and trace
  • Variable data ports options RS232, RS422, RS485, & LAN
  • 5.0M camera (built in)
  • IP 64 rated waterproof

Unit Options

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • CAN 2
  • 2200 ma Li-ion Battery

V-Guide display monitor

Configuration Parameter
System configuration CPU Freescale iMX.53x 800MHz/1.0GHz
Flash 4GB
Media player Audio: MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV…
Video: MPEG1/2/4, ASF, WMV9,
Picture: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
Interface Micro SD card
USB Device 2.0 ,USB host 2.0
Earphone output port
DC power input
4×RS232 interface
(optional RS485/RS422 interface)
4×Gpio input, 6×Gpio output
Touch Panel Capacitive
Display 7" LED Backlit
Screen Resolution 800×480
Brightness 450cd/m2
Contrast 500:1
Viewing Angle 140°/ 120° (H/V)
Power supply DC 9-36V
Power Consumption
(Normal mode)
Power Consumption
(Charging mode)
Working Temperature -20°c-60°c
Storage Temperature -30°c-70°c
Dimension (LWD) 200 × 128 × 36 (mm)
Weight 830g

V-GuideV-Smart Antenna

The combined DGPS and Antenna with additional but standard features of Hillside Compensator and Radar output signals this is all combined in a 129.5mm diameter by 37.5mm high white Ray-dome housing. V-Smart has a wide range DC voltage input making it the ideal choice for matching with the V-Guild system and other end user systems. MORE>>

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